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Niagara of the Foothills

The picture above is of Lundbreck Falls, located on the Crowsnest River in southwest Alberta. It’s a vintage, hand-tinted photograph produced by the Gowen Sutton Company of Vancouver. The photograph was taken circa 1903 by the photography team of Marks and Buchanan, who operated a photo studio in the town of Frank, some 18 kilometers (12 miles) away. The title of the print is “Lundbreck Falls, Alberta – The Niagara of the Foothills.”

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Fishing This Week

I spent a few hours fishing the Crowsnest River on Monday – the first time out for me this spring. It was a perfect day to be on the water. There was barely a breeze and by early afternoon the temperature had climbed to 12°C (54°F).

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Spring Thaw

Today is the first day of spring. It looks and feels like spring, too. A week ago, we were in a deep freeze, with temperatures well below average, and snow lying on the ground everywhere. As often happens around here, the weather can turn on a dime. Conditions have been really nice outside since the weekend and it looks like it’s going to continue for a while yet. Our daytime temperature is expected to reach 18°C (65°F) today – well above average. The spring thaw is upon us.

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Crowsnest River Salmonflies

The salmonfly hatch is in full swing on the Crowsnest River and fishing conditions couldn’t be better. It’s not very often where the river is clear and fishable during this elusive hatch. It is this year, though. This stonefly hatch occurs every year but it usually coincides with the spring runoff, a time where the river is running high and discolored. Everything has come together perfectly this time around, and who knows, it might be another 10 years before it happens again.
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The Cure

There’s a famous saying in Crowsnest Pass in regards to the weather. It’s quite simple and it goes like this. “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes.”
I know there are lots of places that use the same expression, but with the rate and frequency in which things can change in the Pass, it describes our weather to a “Tee.” Continue reading »

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Fly-Tying: The Angler’s Art


If you’re a fly-fishing enthusiast, you’re probably aware there’s another aspect to the sport that goes hand-in-hand with this popular piscatorial pursuit. Many fly anglers also make (tie) their own artificial flies. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment when you create something out of colorful bits and pieces of feather, fur, wool, and other natural or man-made materials, and then use it to catch a fish. Continue reading »

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Last Day of Trout Season

Today is the final day of the 2017 fishing season on the majority of rivers and streams in southwest Alberta. It seems like only yesterday that I was looking forward to another great season on these waters. Beginning tomorrow, November 1, there’s only going to be a couple of rivers around here where anglers will be permitted to fish. These include portions of the Crowsnest and Oldman rivers. At least there are some places where folks will be able to stream-fish over the coming winter months, if they so desire.
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The Evening Hatch

It’s that time of the season where some of the best dry-fly fishing on our local streams occurs late in the day. This is especially true in places like the Crowsnest River, where bright, sunny weather, combined with low, clear water conditions, can cause larger trout to wait until just before dark before they start to feed. If you are on the water at this time and are patient enough for the evening hatch to begin, you stand a good chance of catching some nice fish. Continue reading »

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Trout Town – Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Trout fishing has long been a popular activity in Crowsnest Pass. Numerous rivers and streams in the area have been attracting anglers from near and far for decades. Perhaps the best known of these waters is our very own Crowsnest River. When it comes to trout streams, the Crow is one of the most user-friendly places to fish in the province. It’s almost as if it was created with anglers in mind, particularly those who like to fly-fish. Continue reading »

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Opening Day

Today is the day many southern Alberta stream anglers have been looking forward to since the end of last October when the 2016 fishing season came to a close. Their long 7-1/2 month wait is finally over. It’s opening day of the 2017 fishing season! Continue reading »

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