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Picking Hucks

Huckleberry Country - Straight Ahead

Huckleberry Country – Straight Ahead

It’s late August, which means it’s huckleberry season in the mountains of southwest Alberta. Picking huckleberries is something I try to do at least once or twice each summer. Not only do you get good exercise while picking hucks, when you’re finished you get to savour the fruits of your labour. And if you pick enough of these tasty berries, you can enjoy them for months to come. Continue reading »

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Photographing Friends

Rolf_Shirley Ann_003_071616_960X640_px

Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to take photographs of my good friends, Rolf and Shirley Ann Schwabe. They recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and had asked me to take a few pictures to mark the occasion. I’ve known Rolf and Shirley Ann for more than twenty years and was happy to oblige. Continue reading »

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