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Something to Crow About

For years, small towns located along busy highways and byways have erected larger-than-life roadside attractions, in hopes of drawing tourists to their communities. Often, these “world’s biggest” attractions are sculptures representing something the town is known for, such as an industry, local wildlife, or some other familiar symbol. Continue reading »

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Crowsnest River Salmonflies

The salmonfly hatch is in full swing on the Crowsnest River and fishing conditions couldn’t be better. It’s not very often where the river is clear and fishable during this elusive hatch. It is this year, though. This stonefly hatch occurs every year but it usually coincides with the spring runoff, a time where the river is running high and discolored. Everything has come together perfectly this time around, and who knows, it might be another 10 years before it happens again.
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