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The Colors of Autumn

Autumn is the most colorful and spectacular time of year in southwest Alberta. In early September, the mountains and foothills begin to transform from one season to the next. Within a couple of weeks, the surrounding landscape becomes illuminated in shades of red, yellow, orange, and gold. Bathed by the sun’s warm rays during the day, and chilled by freezing temperatures at night, the colors of autumn become more intense with each passing day. Continue reading »

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Cabin Fever

Spring has been late arriving this year and it’s beginning to look like it’s going to bypass us altogether. It almost seems as if winter is here to stay for good. Although the first day of spring officially occurred three weeks ago, on March 20th, there have been few spring-like days, thus far. The weather doesn’t always behave as we think it should, and it seldom pays attention to what time of year the calendar says it’s supposed to be. All I know is the prolonged wait for spring has caused an increase in the cases of cabin fever. With some individuals, symptoms have gone from mild to severe. Almost everyone I know has had their fill of winter and are anxious to get outdoors to enjoy some sunshine and warmth, and maybe indulge in a few favorite spring activities. Continue reading »

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Last Day of Trout Season

Today is the final day of the 2017 fishing season on the majority of rivers and streams in southwest Alberta. It seems like only yesterday that I was looking forward to another great season on these waters. Beginning tomorrow, November 1, there’s only going to be a couple of rivers around here where anglers will be permitted to fish. These include portions of the Crowsnest and Oldman rivers. At least there are some places where folks will be able to stream-fish over the coming winter months, if they so desire.
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Harvest of Memories Gala – 2017

The Crowsnest Historical Society will be conducting their annual Harvest of Memories Gala at the end of the month. This is their biggest fundraising event of the year and all proceeds support the operations of the Crowsnest Museum & Archives. Continue reading »

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Vintage Passenger Train

On Tuesday afternoon, I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. I also happened to have my camera with me and was able to get a few photos of the event. I was driving along Highway 3 toward the town of Frank, just as a Royal Canadian Pacific passenger train was travelling through the Frank Slide. Continue reading »

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Canada Through the Lens

If you were to ask a dozen people to define what “Canada” means to them, you would likely get a dozen different responses. When I think of Canada, one of the first things I visualize in my mind is its vast and diverse landscape. Continue reading »

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Canada Day – Saturday

Saturday is July 1st – Canada Day! We’ll be celebrating our 150th birthday, the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of our Confederation. Until recently, I was not familiar with the word sesquicentennial. It’s not a word you hear every day and it’s certainly not easy to pronounce, either.
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Opening Day

Today is the day many southern Alberta stream anglers have been looking forward to since the end of last October when the 2016 fishing season came to a close. Their long 7-1/2 month wait is finally over. It’s opening day of the 2017 fishing season! Continue reading »

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Carpet of Yellow and Green

Crowsnest Pass Glacier Lilies

Several weeks ago I posted a few photos here of wildflowers, including prairie crocuses and yellowbells. While they can still be seen at higher elevations, other flowers are starting to bloom in the mountains. Glacier lilies are one of my favorites. They are sometimes called yellow avalanche lilies because they like to grow at the edge of receding snowfields in spring.
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Mountain Snowmelt

We have been receiving some nice weather over the past few days and it appears the spring snowmelt has started in the high-country. There is a lot of snow to melt in the mountains and warm temperatures are helping to get things going. Providing we don’t receive excessive rain over the next month, we should not be overly concerned about flooding on our local rivers. Continue reading »

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