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Waterton Lakes Fishing Revisited

In April, I posted an article here on the early history of fishing at Waterton Lakes National Park. As a result, I received a number of emails and messages from people whose families have ties to Waterton, dating to the days of John George “Kootenai” Brown. Their stories were very interesting and I thank them for sharing these with me.

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Early Fishing at Waterton Lakes

Waterton Lakes was one of the first places in southern Alberta to become a tourist attraction. Outdoor enthusiasts, including anglers, were visiting the area even before it became established as a park (Kootenay Lakes Forest Reserve), in 1895. The deep, cold mountain lakes and crystal-clear streams teemed with trout, eager to take a fly or lure.

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Day Trip to Waterton Park

It’s been several weeks since Waterton Lakes National Park reopened to the public. It had been closed for two weeks in September, due to the Kenow wildfire. My wife and I had not been to the park since late April and on Monday we decided to go for a visit to see how it fared through the fiery ordeal.
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