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Ice-Out Observations

Waiting for the ice to melt on a frozen lake can be like watching paint dry. You have to be patient because sometimes it can take a while. Ice-out is a few weeks late this year but it appears to be starting on several of our local lakes. Continue reading »

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The Cure

There’s a famous saying in Crowsnest Pass in regards to the weather. It’s quite simple and it goes like this. “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes.”
I know there are lots of places that use the same expression, but with the rate and frequency in which things can change in the Pass, it describes our weather to a “Tee.” Continue reading »

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Cabin Fever

Spring has been late arriving this year and it’s beginning to look like it’s going to bypass us altogether. It almost seems as if winter is here to stay for good. Although the first day of spring officially occurred three weeks ago, on March 20th, there have been few spring-like days, thus far. The weather doesn’t always behave as we think it should, and it seldom pays attention to what time of year the calendar says it’s supposed to be. All I know is the prolonged wait for spring has caused an increase in the cases of cabin fever. With some individuals, symptoms have gone from mild to severe. Almost everyone I know has had their fill of winter and are anxious to get outdoors to enjoy some sunshine and warmth, and maybe indulge in a few favorite spring activities. Continue reading »

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