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Early Fishing at Waterton Lakes

Waterton Lakes was one of the first places in southern Alberta to become a tourist attraction. Outdoor enthusiasts, including anglers, were visiting the area even before it became established as a park (Kootenay Lakes Forest Reserve), in 1895. The deep, cold mountain lakes and crystal-clear streams teemed with trout, eager to take a fly or lure.

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Vintage First Nations Postcards

The colorful image shown above is of a 1941 postcard from Glacier National Park, Montana. The photograph was taken by a renowned American photographer, Tomar Jacob Hileman (1882-1945). I came across this linen postcard several years ago and thought it was quite interesting. It’s not a rare postcard by any means, but what drew my attention to it was the vivid colors of the garments worn by the two Blackfeet women. After more than 75 years, the colors in this image are as vibrant as the day the postcard was sold to a tourist visiting the park. Continue reading »

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