Green Grass & Happy Trout

The recent rains we have been receiving in Crowsnest Pass have been very beneficial for the area. Not only have these rains been keeping everything lush and green, but they have also been good for our local trout streams. Water levels are holding up well on all of our rivers this summer. As a result, the fish are feisty, fat, and happy.

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Niagara of the Foothills

The picture above is of Lundbreck Falls, located on the Crowsnest River in southwest Alberta. It’s a vintage, hand-tinted photograph produced by the Gowen Sutton Company of Vancouver. The photograph was taken circa 1903 by the photography team of Marks and Buchanan, who operated a photo studio in the town of Frank, some 18 kilometers (12 miles) away. The title of the print is “Lundbreck Falls, Alberta – The Niagara of the Foothills.”

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Fishing Stillwaters

It appears the spring runoff has started on the rivers and streams of southwest Alberta. The warm temperatures we have been receiving over the past week has been causing more snow in the mountains to melt. As a result, water levels have been rising on the rivers and they are becoming discolored. With rain in the forecast this week, the runoff will likely increase in intensity. Providing we don’t receive prolonged rainfall, conditions should begin to improve in a few weeks. In the meantime, we can always head out to fish some of our local stillwaters.

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Fishing This Week

I spent a few hours fishing the Crowsnest River on Monday – the first time out for me this spring. It was a perfect day to be on the water. There was barely a breeze and by early afternoon the temperature had climbed to 12°C (54°F).

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Spring Thaw

Today is the first day of spring. It looks and feels like spring, too. A week ago, we were in a deep freeze, with temperatures well below average, and snow lying on the ground everywhere. As often happens around here, the weather can turn on a dime. Conditions have been really nice outside since the weekend and it looks like it’s going to continue for a while yet. Our daytime temperature is expected to reach 18°C (65°F) today – well above average. The spring thaw is upon us.

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Art Exhibit – Crowsnest Pass Gallery

It’s the middle of February, which means it’s time for the annual No Particular Topic exhibition at the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery. The exhibit runs February 16 – March 17, 2019. The opening reception will be held Saturday, February 16 (1-3). This exhibit is always a great opportunity to view a wide variety of work by local artists.

One of my wildflower photographs, Crocus for Maggie, will be on display. More information on this photograph can be seen on the Exhibits page of my website. If you are going to be in Crowsnest Pass or are passing through in the next few weeks, be sure to stop by the art gallery. It’s located along Highway 3 in the town of Frank. Admission is free.

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South Carolina Trip – Part II

South Carolina is steeped in history, culture, and tradition. It’s an amazing place to visit, with lots of interesting and exciting things to see and do. Last time, I shared some photos and stories of our recent trip to the Palmetto State. Below, is the conclusion of this blog post.

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South Carolina Trip – Part I

Several weeks ago, Carol and I had the opportunity to travel to South Carolina to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with family. It had been ten years since we last visited the Palmetto State together and it felt great to return again.

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The Colors of Christmas

There are lots of Christmas lights on display around Crowsnest Pass at the moment. Each evening, as darkness approaches, a festival of lights appear throughout the various towns. Thousands upon thousands of bulbs in colors of red, green, yellow, and blue, begin to sparkle and light up the night-time sky. Continue reading »

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If These Walls Could Speak

In keeping with the theme of my previous post, I have a few more Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) images I’d like to share. These are architectural in nature and were taken near my home in Crowsnest Pass. I enjoy photographing old buildings and it gave me an opportunity to try something different. Continue reading »

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