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Fishing Stillwaters

It appears the spring runoff has started on the rivers and streams of southwest Alberta. The warm temperatures we have been receiving over the past week has been causing more snow in the mountains to melt. As a result, water levels have been rising on the rivers and they are becoming discolored. With rain in the forecast this week, the runoff will likely increase in intensity. Providing we don’t receive prolonged rainfall, conditions should begin to improve in a few weeks. In the meantime, we can always head out to fish some of our local stillwaters.

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Fishing for Bulls and Cutts

Mill Creek_009_082316

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been chasing bull and cutthroat trout on several of our local streams. My first outing was with a friend, Terry Maurer, on a small stream known to hold big bull trout at this time of year. My second trip was on the upper Oldman River, where I spent the day fishing for cutthroat trout with another friend, Bob Costa. Both days were productive and interesting, in their own way. Continue reading »

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